Sinopsis Beberapa Dongeng Bahasa Inggris

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Dongeng Bahasa Inggris – Ada banyak dongeng yang menarik untuk disimak pesan moralnya. Berikut ini adalah beberapa dongeng bahasa Inggris dan sinopsis ceritanya. Dongeng-dongeng berikut adalah dongeng yang bersal dari beberapa daerah di nusantara.

1. Poultry and Fish (Dongeng bahasa Inggris Kepulauan Riau)

There used to be a king of chicken named Kukuru and a king of barley fish called Halili. The Chicken King often asked King Tongkol to go ashore, and vice versa.

One day Kukuru told Halili that there was a dance party in a fishing village. The party provided delicious food and dancing. All cabbage and chicken went to the party, provided that the chickens would tell when the dawn had arrived.

The party was very lively and the cabbages and chickens were so full that they fell asleep. Unknowingly, the dawn passed and the fishermen caught a can of fish.

Even the cabbages are angry at the default chicken. For a moment Halili cursed all the chickens in the night and vowed to eat all the chickens that came into the sea. This is why fishermen can easily fish cabbage using chicken feathers.

2. Squirrel and Cabbage Fish (Dongeng bahasa Inggris Kalimantan Barat)

In one well lived a squirrel with a cork fish friend. One day, the cork fish got sick and kept it from eating for days. He just wants to eat Yu’s heart.

Squirrel wants to fulfill his friend’s request, but is confused because Yu is a fish that is known to be huge, powerful, and vicious. Even so, the squirrel kept going for his sick friend.

Squirrels leave cabbages to rest and find coconuts to roam the sea. Arriving at sea, a Yu-like fish appeared and consumed the coconut and the squirrel inside it.

Inside Yu’s belly, the squirrel comes out of the coconut and eats Yu’s heart. Fish Yu died and dragged him to the beach. Squirrel managed to get Yu’s heart for his friend.

3. The origin of Indramayu (Dongeng bahasa Inggris Jawa Barat)

Alkisah Raden Wiralodra, who is the third son of Tumenggung Raven Singalodra, Central Java, has been assigned to develop the area around the Cimanuk River. Unexpectedly, under the leadership of the Wiralodra, the region grew rapidly.

Raden Wiralodra wanted to expand his territory to Sumedang. Miraculously, Wiralodra transformed herself into a beautiful woman named Nyi Endang Dharma Ayu. The beauty of Darma Ayu made the Duke of Sumedang fall in love and wanted to register her.

As a dowry, the Duke of Sumedang is ready to give a piece of land as much as buffalo skin. When it was called, the buffalo skin stretched from Begelen to Sumedang.

After the wedding, Nyi Darma Ayu became Raden Wiralodra. The name Dharma Ayu came from the name “Indramayu”.

4. The origin of Lake Toba (Dongeng bahasa Inggris Sumatera Utara)

One day, a young man managed to fish a very beautiful fish. However, when the fish was caught, it turned into a beautiful princess. The princess was once the woman who was cursed for breaking a rule.

Being fascinated by the beauty of the princess, the young man asked the princess to be his wife. The princess provided that the young man could not tell the origin of the fish.

After a year of marriage, the couple has a son. The child has a bad habit, which is never full and eat all the food.

One day, the boy consumed all the food and made the young man very angry. The young man said, “What a bastard!”

Because the young man broke his promise, his wife and child disappeared mysteriously. In the land of their former foothills, springs flow and turn into a lake called Lake Toba.

Itulah tadi beberapa dongeng bahasa Inggris dan sinopsis singkatnya. Sebenarnya dongeng akan selalu memiliki perbedaan di setiap penutur, tetapi inti ceritanya akan selalu sama.